School Partnership Program

The Ubunye Challenge School Partnership Program is a program set-up to directly connect schools from around the world with students we support in Southern Africa.

As part of the program, Partner Schools select and fundraise for specific projects for our Partners on the Ground (Ubunye Foundation in South Africa and Vimba in Zimbabwe), and through this fundraising, Ubunye Challenge facilitates an ongoing relationship between the Partner School and students they are supporting.

Through the School Partnership Program, we aim to increase the impact we can have on the lives of students we work with, connect students to their global peers, and together, improve access to early childhood education in Southern Africa.

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How the School Partnership Program Works

  1. Our partners on the ground provide Unbunye Challenge with a list of projects to support their efforts.
  2. Partner schools select and the students fundraise for specific projects from our partners on the ground.
  3. Ubunye Challenge manages providing funds raised to the partners on the ground to support their specific project needs.
  4. Ubunye Challenge facilitates ongoing relationship management between the partner schools and partners on the ground.

School Partnership Program Projects

Tower vegetable gardens

Music speakers

Heaters and coolers

ECD centre signage

Notice boards

Tables and chairs

Security gates and window bars

isi-Xhosa story books, interactive books for resource libraries

TV appliance

Curtains, blinds, carpets, mats and cushions

Secure storage containers for electronic and valuable equipment and stocks

Fences to surround ECD centres

Laptop or basic computer with printer and ink supplies

Exercise mats, exercise balls and sports equipment

Play ground and outdoor play area

Water harvesting materials and tanks

Baby/toddler sleeping bay/sick bay block and furniture

Kitchen block including units and appliances

The Beautiful Toilet Project (Toilet and washing block and units)

iPads, ear phones, and projector

Solar panels and battery pack system

Aquaponics system

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