Mwenje Secondary School Construction

The Ubunye Challenge supported the construction of the Mwenje Secondary School in the rural and impoverished town of Concession, 85K from Harare. Having built the Mapere Primary School, it was realized that when students graduated, there was no secondary school within a reasonable distance to continue their education. Construction began in 2019, and in 2022 there are five classroom blocks and a science lab and an enrollment of 184 students (72 girls and 112 boys).


The Headmaster, Kekani Mupona, commented, “Words cannot express how grateful we are to our donors for the complete transformation that has taken place here at Mwenje.” Mwenje has qualified teachers, and specialized subject teachers manage all subjects. Learners attend every day – there is no “hot seating”.

Mwenje caters to many vulnerable learners whose families earn way below the Poverty Datum Line. Some are orphaned, some have unemployed parents, and some reside with elderly relatives. Several organizations have stepped in to help these students with procuring uniforms, shoes and books.

Mwenje is the Shona word for light!

Cameron's inaugural visit to Concession to visit Mwenje and Mappere


In the span of a decade, the Ubunye Challenge, in partnership with Vimba, has catalyzed significant educational advancements in rural Zimbabwe. This journey of transformation, envisioned and led by our founder Cameron, recently reached a poignant milestone during his inaugural visit to the projects we've passionately supported.

Mapere Primary School: A Foundation for Learning
The genesis of our mission took root at Mapere Primary School. Once a place where children gathered under trees for lessons, the school now boasts a robust classroom block, thanks to our donors' generosity. Cameron’s visit to Mapere, alongside Jaime Susan Philp and Tatenda Tavaziva from Vimba Charity, was a vivid reminder of how far we have come. Standing where makeshift classrooms once sprawled, he witnessed the fruit of our labor – a modern learning facility serving as a beacon of hope and progress in the community.

Mwenje High School: Expanding Horizons
Buoyed by the success at Mapere, the Ubunye Challenge embarked on establishing Mwenje High School, driven by the need to provide closer secondary education. Witnessing the school's vibrant atmosphere, Cameron engaged with students and teachers, sharing experiences from his aquatic adventures, igniting discussions on science and the natural world. Mwenje High School stands as a tribute to our unwavering commitment to education, providing a nurturing ground for Zimbabwe’s future leaders.

Montgomery Heights Orphanage: Stories of Hope and Resilience
The journey culminated at Montgomery Heights Orphanage, where Cameron encountered the inspiring stories of Simba and Emmanuel. Both began their education at Mapere, with Simba having the unique opportunity to attend additional classes at Mwenje. Their stories of growth, resilience, and academic success, culminating in their progression to university, illustrate the profound impact of our initiatives. Looking Ahead Reflecting on this visit, Cameron and the Ubunye Challenge team are more committed than ever to advancing our mission. Witnessing the tangible outcomes of our work reinforces our resolve to continue making a difference in the lives of Zimbabwe's youth. We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all our supporters and partners. Together, we look forward to nurturing more success stories, building a legacy of education and empowerment in Zimbabwe.