Mobile Classroom (Masibakhulise) Project

In 2018, with the help of the Ubunye Foundation, we have set a very specific goal: doubling the number of children served by the early education programs we have helped create. Specifically this means educating an additional 200 students which, at a cost of $150 per student per year, means we seek to raise $30,000.


We are focusing these efforts in less accessible areas where children are still not being reached and educated. The areas targeted by the Masibakhulise project circuit are where there are no Early Childhood Learning centres and where these children have no access to early learning at home or even nearby.

To achieve this end, we and the Ubunye Foundation, are developing a mobile classroom unit where teachers will venture out into these regions to train other teachers and provide classes to students. In the future we will look to provide these areas with their own “edutainers” and daily formal teaching classes and programs.