Introducing iPad Learning at Early Childhood Development Centres

In late 2019 Ubunye Challenge raised funds to bring tablet learning to about 360 children enrolled in Early Childhood Development Centres in the Eastern Cape of South Africa. It was a tremendous success. Teachers reported, “More children are coming to learn!” because of the iPads. Their parents tell others about the growth and development of their children. That brings even more children to our centres”.


Although the lockdown delayed the planned distribution, Ubunye delivered sixteen tablets in 2020. Initially, the team on the ground found a way to share these tablets between children at multiple centres! An individual donor was so impressed by the Ubunye Challenge’s iPad programme that they purchased another 32 iPads. All 45 centres now have an iPad. Ubunye Challenge has partnered with the Ubunye Foundation to provide early childhood teaching to the Eastern Cape for the past eight years. Before that, there was no access to formal education in many communities.