The Impossible Row: Conquering the Drake Passage

On Christmas day 2019, Cameron Bellamy and five other crew members became the first to row across the notorious Drake Passage: a body of water thought to have the roughest and coldest waters on earth. The adventure was led by Colin O’Brady, former professional triathlete turned explorer and known for his world first crossing of Antarctica in 2018. The six men rowed the “Ohana”, their 29-foot open hull boat, two at a time in 90-minute shifts, twenty-four hours a day, for thirteen days. They covered 655 nautical miles in the row from Cape Horn, on the southernmost tip of South America to the frozen continent of Antarctica. The successful expedition dubbed the “Impossible Row’ was the culmination of a couple years of planning, support from Discovery Channel and excellent teamwork earned Bellamy five Guinness World Records.