Indian Ocean Rowing Expedition

On 11 June 2014 a team of 7 (including Ubunye’s founder, Cameron Bellamy, who rowed in the stroke seat of the boat for the duration of expedition) set off in a 45-foot rowing boat from Geraldton, Australia bound for the Seychelles. The team rowed 2 hours on/2 hours off (12 hours a day) for the entirety of the journey. On route they survived 50-foot waves during the tail end of hurricane, almost being run over by an oil tanker, a collision with a blue whale, interaction with west African pirates, amongst many other adventures. Rowing for 57 days, the team rowed a total of 6270 km (3,896 miles) and was awarded with 2 Guinness World Records for the fastest crossing of the Indian Ocean and the furthest distance ever rowed by a team.