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Thato’s Atlantic Row in Summary

My feelings after a week on land:
I have re-orientated myself well into civilization… I think!
I am no longer walking around like a tacking yacht.
I can hold a conversation for about an hour before dozing off mid sentence… this used to happen in half the time.

So I touched down in South Africa, my home country, three days ago!
Was received by my family and  rowers from my old school, special moment this was, something I will cherish for sure!
Land sickness down to only walking into walls from time to time, but disguise this by pretending to be using the wall to balance while I dig out the “ringing” cellphone out of my pocket.
Missing the stars, the moon and 360 degree views. When I was in Barbados I went to a braai and went outside to throw some rubbish away, spotted the full moon and followed it with my eyes but then the house was in the way of my full view…I got a little upset with the house for being in the way. (yikes).But I am sure I will get used to this in time…

I miss the 10 minutes call…NOT!
I do miss the simple living and the simple conversations I had with my crew members…
My body is still recovering from the voyage. My worst body part customers are my hands…claw hands…but getting better each day…and my posterior blisters have recovered well thank you. I know you were concerned when the Doc didn’t give me drugs until he had had a look…
I got to eat a lot of apples since touching down on land, so that craving is sorted I think…:)
The most incredible adventure this was. I recommend this expedition to anyone that has any self doubts around their potential. This voyage showed me that my fears and doubts have always been just perceived and nothing real. It has really opened my eyes and mind to what I can achieve going forward. So looking forward to my future adventures!
Most definitely doing this again in the near future and hoping to land my name in the record books this time…ocean Gods permitting of course 🙂
Until the next Ubunye Adventure…