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Our projects

The Eastern Cape Edutainer Project

The Angus Gillis Foundation’s aim is to install 5 new Edutainers in the next three years to provide facilities for young and vulnerable children in rural areas surrounding Grahamstown in the Eastern Cape.

The Edutainer is an instant classroom. It is an initiative of the Bright Kid Foundation made from a shipping container (12 square metres) with fitted windows and doors, insulated, electrified, furnished including ventilation systems. The container is delivered to a community and installed on prepared concrete foundations. Each Edutainer is stocked with carefully selected books, teaching aids and educational toys.

Please see ECD in South Africa for further details regarding Early Childhood Development in South Africa.


Mapere Classroom Block and Learning Centre Project

Mapere Primary School has been the main primary education facility for the surrounding farmlands in Concession, Northern Zimbabwe. The plight of the residents in this area surrounding these farms has worsened over the years. By uplifting the standard of education of the children in this area, we will give these children the opportunity to gain skills that will empower them beyond their famil ies‟ current socioeconomic status. Without the basic infrastructure and foundation in education, it closes the door on future opportunities for these children.



– Build two classroom school blocks

– Build a learning centre for interactive learning

Classroom Block 

The school is running with a shortage of classroom space, according to the headmaster as the number of pupils that attend the school has increased, partly due to Vimba‟s support at the school. As a temporary solution, Vimba has agreed that the Grade One Class (aged between 6-8 years old,) may operate out of one of the classrooms that were refurbished for the Feeding Centre/Nursery School, supported by Vimba. This has been happening for some years now, however it is not a sustainable solution as the school have had to cram two class sizes into one classroom for both the Nursery School and Grade One. The relief of a new classroom block would allow the school to give the children more learning space and a more conducive environment to learning.

Learning Centre 

Rural Schools in Zimbabwe do not use interactive technology or computers in the schools. This form of media as part of their curriculum is vital for the stimulation of children that are entering into a workforce where ones confidence around a computer will determine ones job and therefore the access to a livable earning wage. Farm workers or manual labour workers in Zimbabwe receive a minimum wage of $55 per month plus allowances of around $50 per month, which many employers do not pay. The learning centre will empower the children at Mapere Primary School, giving them the opportunity to further their education and careers.