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Thato’s Atlantic Row in Summary

My feelings after a week on land:
I have re-orientated myself well into civilization… I think!
I am no longer walking around like a tacking yacht.
I can hold a conversation for about an hour before dozing off mid sentence… this used to happen in half the time.

Cameron’s Diary – Day 21 to 40(ish)

Those following Cam’s progress aboard the Avalon via the email updates from Hermione Macfarlane will know that the communications equipment took a beating and has failed. As a result, Cam hasn’t been able to share a personal update for the last 4 weeks. However, the satellite phone is operational and yesterday we received the following update. (As told to Richard English):

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Cameron’s Diary – Day 8 to 20

Days 8 to 10 – ‘getting north’

A slow few days as we try make it further north on advice from Stokie, our on-land weather charter, that another low pressure system was developing in the southern ocean and heading straight for us.

Day 9 and 10 are slow but it feels much better than being on sea anchor, where 5 of us were forced to share a cramped cabin. On day 10, in the evening, the low pressure finally caught us and we go to sea anchor just before sunset to prepare in the last rays of sunshine. For a few hours there is hardly any wind and it begins to feel like a scene out of ‘life of pi’.

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Cam’s Diary Day 1 to 7

Day 1

We left on 11 June, my incredibly proud father’s birthday. There was a great little send off party as we did our frantic last minute preparations before setting off. It felt surreal coming back to the boat, after my last land based toilet break, and leaving the safety of dry land. It felt like walking head on into uncertainty. These are my favourite moments of these trips.

As we took the corner out of the mariner we came up against 25 knot winds and narrowly escaped beaching ourselves on the rocks. Wouldn’t have been the most successful start to an ocean rowing voyage…

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